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Name: Token Hook

Hook Pointer Block Address: D0260E

Hook Enable BCALL: 0213F8

Hook Disable BCALL: 0213FC

Hook Call BCALL: (none known)

Hook Active Flag: 0, (iy + 35h)

This hook allows you to change the strings displayed for TIOS tokens. It is called every time the OS is about to display a one- or 2-byte token.

Using the Hook

  • DE = token number * 3 (DEU = 0)
    • 1-byte: 0000 to 02FD
    • Matrix: 0300 to 031B
    • List: 031E to 032D
    • Equation: 0330 to 038A
    • Picture: 038D to 03A8
    • GDB: 03AB to 03C6
    • String: 03C9 to 03E4
    • Statistics: 03E7 to 049B
    • Window/finance: 049E to 0546
    • Graph format: 0549 to 057F
    • Miscellaneous: 0582 to 0861
    • Extra tokens: 0864 to *
  • HL points to the default string
    • Change HL to display another string. The format of that string should be:
<keypress of token>,<length string>,"string"