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Official Name: CreateVar

BCALL Address: 4E70

Creates a variable of a specified type.


  • A: type of variable to create (05h for programs, 06h for protected programs, etc.)
  • HL: length in bytes
  • OP1+1 = name of variable


  • HL points to symbol table entry
  • DE points to data section
  • OP4 contains the name as inputted in OP1

Registers Destroyed


If the length of name is shorter than 8 characters it must be zero-terminated. If there isn't enough RAM a memory error will be generated. Contents of the program are random.


Create an unprotected program of size 10:

ld hl,progName-1
RST rMov9ToOP1
ld hl,10
ld a,05h
B_CALL CreateVar

progName: db "PROGNAME"