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Unofficial Name: KeyboardGetKey

BCALL Address: 50E9

Minimum OS Version: 1.15

Attempt to receive a keypress from the TI-Keyboard.


  • None


  • A contains status code
  • The actual data retrieved from the keyboard appears to be trashed in the process of popping the error handler ?!


  • AF, BC, DE, HL


This B_CALL was introduced in OS 1.15. Programs should check the OS version before attempting to use this routine.

Keep in mind that the keyboard communicates using a truly horrible perversion of the DBUS protocol, which works as follows:

  • The keyboard sends the byte E0.
  • It pulls both link lines low simultaneously for a short time (i.e., flags a DBUS error.)
  • It sends the byte 01h.
  • Finally, it sends the scancode or modifier mask.

As a result, there are a variety of possible error conditions.

Possible status codes returned are:

  • 00 = No link activity detected.
  • 01 = Success.
  • 02 = Link activity detected, but the first byte was not E0h, or E0h was not followed by a DBUS error.
  • 0F9h = Link assist error, and no buffered data or link activity.
  • 0FAh = Link assist error and buffered data detected, but the buffered byte was not E0h.
  • 0FBh = Link assist error and buffered byte E0h detected, and two more bytes might or might not have been read.
  • 0FEh = Second byte was not 01h (possibly unsupported future commands)
  • 0FFh = Protocol error other than the one expected.


A full disassembly of this entry point on OS 2.41 is here.