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Added Features

New Tokens

It would be nice to describe the effect and syntax of these tokens.

  • AUTO Answer
  • DEC Answer
  • >F<>D
  • FRAC Anser
  • logBASE(
  • n/d
  • >n/d<>Un/D
  • randIntNoRep(
  • remainder(
  • summation <sigma>(
  • Un/d
  • ZFrac1/2
  • ZFrac1/3
  • ZFrac1/4
  • ZFrac1/5
  • ZFrac1/8
  • ZFrac1/10
  • ZQuadrant1
  • delta-x
  • delta-y (these are variables--Vars>Window)

Known Bugs

  • Programs using the homescreen may be very broken. Users should disable Math Print before running them, and programs should clear the screen first thing.
  • Programs that encounter an error on the graphscreen may end up with the graphscreen contents in the homescreen buffer
  • In Omnicalc, parenthesis assistant does not work properly. (Display error)
  • In Omnicalc's entries menu: Using the entries menu without MP symbols has some display issues, and when selecting an entry, it crashes.
  • In Omnicalc's entries menu: With mathprint symbols in the entries log, there are serious display issues accompanied with a dramatic crash.
  • Calcutil will not run at all correctly and will crash your calculator when you turn it off and back on.

Known Performance Issues