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IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2.53MP is a leaked beta. Please do not distribute it to people by calculator until TI makes the official release, slated for February 15. Use at your own risk.

Added Features

New Tokens

It would be nice to describe the effect and syntax of these tokens.

  • AUTO Answer
  • DEC Answer
  • >F<>D
  • FRAC Anser
  • logBASE(
  • n/d
  • >n/d<>Un/D
  • randIntNoRep(
  • remainder(
  • summation <sigma>(
  • Un/d
  • ZFrac1/2
  • ZFrac1/3
  • ZFrac1/4
  • ZFrac1/5
  • ZFrac1/8
  • ZFrac1/10
  • ZQuadrant1
  • delta-x
  • delta-y (these are variables--Vars>Window)

Known Bugs

  • Programs using the homescreen may be very broken. Users should disable Math Print before running them, and programs should clear the screen first thing.
  • Programs that encounter an error on the graphscreen may end up with the graphscreen contents in the homescreen buffer
  • In Omnicalc, parenthesis assistant does not work properly. (Display error)
  • In Omnicalc's entries menu: Using the entries menu without MP symbols has some display issues, and when selecting an entry, it crashes.
  • In Omnicalc's entries menu: With mathprint symbols in the entries log, there are serious display issues accompanied with a dramatic crash.
  • Calcutil will not run at all correctly and will crash your calculator when you turn it off and back on.

Known Performance Issues