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IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2.53MP is a leaked beta. Please do not distribute it to people by calculator until TI makes the official release, slated for February 15. Use at your own risk.

I have recently realized that there is already an OS versions page. The two will be merged when the official release is made.

Added Features

  • Math Print is TI's own pretty printing
  • New menu Alpha+F1-F4 for use with Math Print
  • In MP, press up to scroll through previous entries, which allows basic copy and paste.
  • The Table screen now has an option for <delta>Tbl, which allows you to set the interval between the X entries of the table.
  • New ZOptions under Zoom

New Tokens

  • AUTO Answer -- basic [EF 3B]
  • CLASSIC -- basic [EF 38]
  • DEC Answer -- basic [EF 3C]
  • >F<>D -- swap between fraction and decimal [EF 31]
  • FRAC Answer -- basic [EF 3D]
  • logBASE( -- log to any base, logBASE(x,base [EF 34]
  • MATHPRINT -- basic [EF 37]
  • n/d - normal fraction, numerator n/d denominator [EF 2E]
  • >n/d<>Un/D -- swap between improper and proper fractions in MP [EF 30]
  • randIntNoRep( -- gives a list of random integers, with dimension high-low+1 randIntNoRep(low,high [EF 35]
  • remainder( -- essentially modulo, x % y, remainder(x,y [EF 32]
  • summation <sigma>( -- <sigma>(expression,variable,start,end [EF 33]
  • Un/d -- mixed number, whole Un/d numerator n/d denominator [EF 2F]
  • ZFrac1/2, -- delta-x,y = 1/2, graph centered [EF 18]
  • ZFrac1/3, -- delta-x,y = 1/3, graph centered [EF 19]
  • ZFrac1/4, -- delta-x,y = 1/4, graph centered [EF 1A]
  • ZFrac1/5, -- delta-x,y = 1/5, graph centered [EF 1B]
  • ZFrac1/8, -- delta-x,y = 1/8, graph centered [EF 1C]
  • ZFrac1/10, -- delta-x,y = 1/10, graph centered [EF 1D]
  • ZQuadrant1, [EF 17]
  • fraction related tokens
    • _, EF2F, not the same as printing _. New font codepoint 0F5h.
    • /, EF2E, not the same as division /. New font codepoint 0F6h.
  • box, EF1E. New font codepoint 0F7h.


  • 5, (iy+44h) controls math print. You should clear the screen if you change this flag.
  • 0, (iy+48h) controls the fraction mode
  • bits 1 and 4 of (iy+47h) are related to when the OS decides to format an answer as a fraction
  • 4, (iy+45h): set this to disable the message about shortcut menus from Press-to-Test. Not affected by Reset Defaults, though Math Print is.


96 new bcalls added.

  • 5410 -- alpha menu reminder pop up


  • RAM page 3, $977E-$9A7D -- previous entries. Destroying this causes crashes.
  • RAM page 3, $9A7E-$9D7D -- homescreen graph buffer. Zero after destroying to prevent flicker.

Compatibility Issues

  • Programs using the homescreen may be very broken. Users should disable Math Print before running them, and programs should clear the screen first thing.
  • Programs that encounter an error on the graphscreen may end up with the graphscreen contents in the homescreen buffer
  • In Omnicalc, parenthesis assistant does not work properly. (Display error)
  • In Omnicalc's entries menu: Using the entries menu without MP symbols has some display issues, and when selecting an entry, it crashes.
  • In Omnicalc's entries menu: With mathprint symbols in the entries log, there are serious display issues accompanied with a dramatic crash.
  • Omnicalc's partial line clearing (always enabled) crashes or glitches when you try to use it in MP.
  • Calcutil will not run at all correctly and will crash your calculator when you turn it off and back on.
  • ld a,1 \ ld (appInfo+2),a \ bcall($50CB) no longer unlocks the flash ROM.

Known Performance Issues

  • Disp and Output may be up to 4x slower than on previous OS version when MathPrint is enabled (see TI-84+ OS v2.53 Leaked)
  • When MathPrint is enabled, when you go to the "Y=" menu to type a function, it's displaying slowly the Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 etc.


This is for bugs or strange functionality. Note the above "Compatibility Issues" section; use that for issues with third-party software.

  • MathPrint Bug : When a list is displayed as a result, you can't take it back for you new entry : selecting it and pressing enter doesn't work
  • Math Print can't handle overly complex expressions. If your expression is starting to require vertical scrolling, expect to encounter the old out-of-memory checkered box soon. Try to recall this expression and it won't get fully mathprintified.