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Welcome to WikiTI, a Wiki for assembly programmers of the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus Family. WikiTI’s goal is to serve as a central place for the discussion and exploration of the undocumented features of the TI-OS.

Any programmer is free to contribute any documentation of the TI-OS, even if the information is incomplete or possibly wrong. Realize, however, that WikiTI’s current goal is to focus on calculator documentation for assembly programming only; articles unrelated to assembly programming for the TI-OS (including articles on TI-BASIC programming, specific programs and/or games, generic assembly tutorials, etc.) will be removed at this time. For more information, see our page on Contributing.

To browse our documentation, or to make contributions, you can click the "Calculator Documentation" link to the left.

If you wish to contact the maintainers of WikiTI, for any reason, on IRC, please join #WikiTI on EFnet. If you do not have an IRC client, use this. You can find email addresses and IM names on each administrator's User page (soon).

Disclaimer: WikiTI is not in any way affiliated with Texas Instruments Inc, or any of it’s subsidiaries, including the educational products division. No guarantee to accuracy is made of the information herein. Use at your own risk.