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Official Name: IsA2ByteTok

BCALL Address: 42A3

Determines if the token in register A is a two-byte token.


  • A: First byte of potential two-byte token


  • Z: set if A is the first byte of a two-byte token.

Registers Destroyed



The current two-byte token identifiers are t2ByteTok, tVarStrng, tGFormat, tVarSys, tVarOut, tVarGBD, tVarEqu, tVarLst, tVarPict, and tVarMat, and on the TI84s, $EF.

TI has updated the OS for the TI84s to return true for $EF, the identifer for the TI84s new tokens. It would be nice if someone would run this program to check to see how OS 1.19 reacts to $EF. (Source (jr z, w00itztru1111 should be w00tiztru1111))