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Official Name: ChkFindSym

BCALL Address: 42F1

Recalls various pointers and information for a symbol in the VAT.


  • OP1 = Name of variable (with proper initial defining byte, see example)


  • OP1 = Name of variable
  • HL = VAT pointer
  • DE = Data location (if in archive, will be address when page is put into bank A)
  • B = Flash Page, or 0 if in RAM
  • C = Length of Variable Name
  • A = the lower 5 bits is the type. Use the mask 1Fh.
  • carry flag is set if the variable is not found in the VAT

Registers Destroyed



ld hl,varname
B_CALL Mov9toOp1
B_CALL ChkFindSym
jr c,notfound      ;carry flag is set if the VAT entry is not found
ex de,hl           ;put data pointer into hl 
xor a 
cp  b              ;see if b is 0, and the program is in the ram
jr z,unarchived      ;if so, jump to unarchived 

;do something to get it into RAM


;do something once it is in RAM

.db AppVarObj, "APPVAR",0