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[[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name|MakeListReal]] [[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Address|4A23 - MakeListReal]]
[[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name|ConvLcToLr]] [[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Address|4A23 - ConvLcToLr]]
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==
'''Unofficial Name:''' MakeListReal
'''Official Name:''' ConvLcToLr
'''BCALL Address:''' 4A23
'''BCALL Address:''' 4A23

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Official Name: ConvLcToLr

BCALL Address: 4A23

Takes complex list name in OP1 and converts it to a real list of the same name (by deleting the imaginary part from each component).


  • OP1 = list to make real


  • List is now real
  • (OP1) = 01h


  • Unknown

This entry point will throw ERR:ARCHIVED if the list is archived or ERR:UNDEFINED if the list cannot be found.