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Official Name: ExecutePrgm

BCALL Address: 4E7C

Executes an assembly program by name.


  • OP1: Name of the nostub assembly program you want to run




All (at least the assembly program can destroy them)


This B_CALL executes an assembly program the same way running the program using Asm( would. This means that you can only run programs you could run from the homescreen. It also means that the amount of available memory must be at least as large as the size of the program to execute, because it will copy the program to 9D95h. Shells like Ion or MirageOS move the program to 9D95h, which means that they can execute larger programs, because they don't need the extra RAM to be available.


ld  hl, programToExecute
rst rMOV9TOOP1
B_CALL ExecutePrgm

Credits and Contributions

  • Michael Vincet: For telling others about this B_CALL.