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Unofficial Name: CancelTransmission

BCALL Address: 4ECA

Sends skip/exit packet and receives acknowledgement packet.


  • A: skip/exit code (1 for exit, 2 for skip, 3 for out-of-memory, etc.)
  • DE: number of bytes to send (theoretically, this is for skip/exit codes with data attached)
  • iy+1Bh set up accordingly
  • 867C: data to send (the value in A is placed at 867C)


  • None


  • All


This BCALL will throw ERR:LINK if any problems are found.

This routine differs from SendSkipExitPacket slightly in that it will send the skip/exit packet with data attached. There are no known skip/exit codes which do this, though.

To duplicate the functionality of SendSkipExitPacket, just pass 1 in DE.