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Unofficial Name: ReceiveVar

BCALL Address: 4F06

Receives a variable over the link port.


  • (ioData): variable size
  • ioData+2: variable type and name
  • (ioNewData): bit 7 set to receive to archive
  • (sndRecState): 15h
  • 1,(iy+1Bh) must be reset
  • iy+1Bh set up accordingly


  • None


  • All


This BCALL will throw ERR:LINK if any problems are found.

If the batteries are low, it will send the skip/exit packet with code 12 and receive acknowledgement, then jump to JForceCmdNoChar.

This entry point is designed to work right after receiving a variable header packet (hence the odd inputs), so consider it using it with something like GetSmallPacket.