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[[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name:Link|SendOSPage]] [[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name|SendOSPage]] [[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Address|4F33 - SendOSPage]]
[[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name:Link|SendOSPage]] [[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name|SendOSPage]] [[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Address|4F36 - SendOSPage]]
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==
'''Unofficial Name:''' SendOSPage
'''Unofficial Name:''' SendOSPage

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Unofficial Name: SendOSPage

BCALL Address: 4F36

Sends one page of the OS to another calculator through the I/O port by sending 256 bytes at a time with header and data packets.


  • A: page to send (00-08h or 74h-7Dh only, it will handle the 83+ and 84+ pages)
  • iy+1Bh set up accordingly


  • None



This BCALL will throw ERR:LINK if any problems are found.

It will receive acknowledge and continue packets where appropriate.

It will also send 0FFh at 0056h when sending page 0, but passing A=80h will very easily get around this.