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=== Destroys ===
=== Destroys ===
* [[83Plus:RAM:86EC|savesscreen]]
* [[83Plus:RAM:86EC|saveSScreen]]
=== Comments ===
=== Comments ===

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Unofficial Name: RectBorder

BCALL Address: 5236

Minimum OS Version: 2.30

Either draws, erases, or inverts a rectangular border on the screen.


  • B: type of drawing (0 to erase, 1 to draw, 2 to invert)
  • H: upper left corner pixel row
  • L: upper left corner pixel column
  • D: lower right corner pixel row
  • E: lower right corner pixel column
  • plotLoc,(iy+plotFlags) set to update display only, reset for both display and graph buffer


  • Rectangle is drawn



This is the exact same thing as BCALLing DrawRectBorder or EraseRectBorder, though I suppose this has the advantage of being able to inverting it.

It was added in OS 2.30. Do not attempt to BCALL it on an earlier version.