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Official Name: GetCalcSerial

Other Name: GetID

BCALL Address: 807E

Gets the first five bytes of the calculator ID.




Z = 0 if the ID could not be retrieved. Z = 1 if the ID was successfully retrieved. In that case:

  • OP4: Contains the first five bytes of the calculator ID
  • B = 5, the number of bytes that were loaded


  • AF, DE, HL


This B_CALL gets the first five bytes of the ID as actual bytes, you have to convert them before you display them. The rest of the ID can't be retrieved using a B_CALL, although there seems to be a call address to get them in every OS. The only problem with using this call address is that your software will only support the OSes you add support for and will never work after an upgrade to a new OS.

There are a few situation when this bcall returns Z = 0, namely when the calculator contains no ID. It may happen when running on an emulator, or on a handheld unit where the flash memory has become corrupted