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Unofficial Name: DispOSPercentage

BCALL Address: 80F9

Minimum HW Version: 2

Displays percentage of OS received so far and erases Flash for next page to be received.


  • (appSearchPage): previous page received (0FFh for none)
  • (ioData+15): flag byte (80h to NOT erase Flash sector)
  • (ioData+16): address to receive data to
  • (ioData+18): OS page to be received next
  • (83E6): number of pages received so far
  • (83E7): total number of OS pages


  • A: Flash page to receive data to
  • DE: address to receive data to


  • All


This BCALL only exists on the 84+ and 84+SE.

The OS MUST be marked invalid with MarkOSInvalid before BCALLing this entry point, which requires unlocking Flash.

It will display "Receiving...Operating System" along with the percentage of the OS received so far. The boot code uses it when receiving an OS.

It refuses to erase page 18h/38h/78h, and will only erase a page divisible by 4 (as in, a Flash sector).

There may be more or fewer inputs, but you should never use this routine anyway, so it doesn't matter.