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'''Unofficial Name:''' DisplayBootError
'''Unofficial Name:''' DisplayBootError
'''BCALL Addresses:''' 8111,8114,8117,811A,811D,8120,8123,8126,8129
'''BCALL Addresses:''' 80ED,8111,8114,8117,811A,811D,8120,8123,8126,8129
'''Minimum Hardware Version:''' 2
'''Minimum Hardware Version:''' 2

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Unofficial Name: DisplayBootError

BCALL Addresses: 80ED,8111,8114,8117,811A,811D,8120,8123,8126,8129

Minimum Hardware Version: 2

These BCALLs display a certain error message along with "Press any key to turn unit off. Then turn unit on.", then wait for a key and reset RAM.


  • DE: offset into table for string to display




  • All


If a validated OS is not detected, this routine will wait to receive one instead of resetting RAM.

These routines only exist on the TI-84 Plus, not on the 83 Plus.

The table of strings is at 7F:5EF7h on 84+SE boot code 1.02, but the most useful offsets are below:

"Receiving...": 0000h
"ERROR!": 001Eh
"Validation Error": 005Dh
"Validating...": 006Eh
"Version Error": 00B0h