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[[Category:83Plus:Ports:By_Address|08 - Link Assist Enable]]
[[Category:83Plus:Ports:By_Address|08 - Link Assist Enable]] [[Category:83Plus:Ports:By_Name|Link Assist Enable]]
[[Category:83Plus:Ports:By_Name|Link Assist Enable]]
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==
'''Port Number:''' 08h
'''Port Number:''' 08h

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Port Number: 08h

Function: Link Assist Enable

This port controls whether the hardware link assist is enabled.

Read Values

  • Bit 7: 1 if the link assist is disabled.

Write Values

  • Bit 7: 1 to disable the link assist.


This port only exists on the 83+ SE and the 84+.

Programs which directly control the link port should disable the hardware assist.

Credits and Contributions

  • Michael Vincent: Original documentation of the link assist