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Note: Do not take the information on this template page as actual documentation!

The Ports are named by their number, in hexadecimal. An example is 83Plus:Ports:00.

You also must put a variation on the following code into your page to have it categorized:



Port Number: 06h

Function: Flash Memory Paging

This port controls what page is swapped into the 4000h to 7FFFh range. (DO NOT take this template page as real documentation on port 6!)

Read Values

  • [00h - FFh]: The current port mapped to the memory range 4000h through 7FFFh.

Write Values

  • [00h - FFh]: The new page to swap in to the memory range 4000h through 7FFFh

Note: if you would have bitwise flags for your port, label them "bit X".


The behavior of this port changes in different memory map modes.



Credits and Contributions

  • /dev/urandom: Because of your randomness, this project is possible.