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Name: Pump

Minimum usb8x version: 0.12

Polls the USB port for activity and handles it appropriately. Use this routine when the pump system has been enabled with [[../PumpOn|PumpOn]]. When the pump system is enabled, USB interrupts will be disabled, which means no USB data will be recieved unless the Pump routine is called periodically. The pump system should be used if you want to access the USB port with the TIOS interrupt, or all interrupts, disabled.








Make sure to call [[../PumpOn|PumpOn]] before using this routine. Be sure to call [[../PumpOff|PumpOff]] when you're done so that USB interrupts will be re-enabled. Pump may call your callback routine if data is recieved on the USB port. If you are using the MSD driver, you do not need to call Pump when using the pump system. The MSD routines will call it internally.

See Also

  • [[../PumpOn|PumpOn]] - Turn on the pump system
  • [[../PumpOff|PumpOff]] - Turn off the pump system