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General Questions

With which calculators is usb8x compatible?

usb8x is compatible with the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculators. It appears to work best with calculators that have Boot Code 1.02. We're working on improving compatibility with Boot Code 1.00. usb8x is NOT compatible with the 89 Titanium.

With which USB devices is usb8x compatible?

Please check the [[../Supported Devices|Supported Devices]] page for details on device compatibility.

How do I connect USB devices to my calculator?

The TI-84 calculators have a mini-USB port. This means you can connect devices that have a mini-A plug, such as Vernier EasyTempâ„¢, directly. To connect devices with a standard A or B USB plug (i.e. almost all other USB peripherals), you need to buy an adapter. The GoldX Quick Connect adapter cable is available in many stores, and this SERIALiO cable will also work.

How do I use usb8x?

usb8x is a driver and doesn't let you "do" anything by itself. You need to download (or create) a program that uses usb8x, such as msd8x or USBTools.

Developer Questions

How do I use usb8x from a BASIC program?

usb8x can be accessed from BASIC via the OpenLib( and ExecLib commands. See the usb8x [[../BASIC_Interface|BASIC Documentation]] for more information.

How do I use usb8x from an assembly program?

usb8x can be accessed from RAM programs or applications via the U_CALL macro interface. See the usb8x [[../Asm_Interface|Assembly Documentation]] for more information.