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Most USB devices that are self-powered, or draw 100mA or less current from the USB bus should be compatible with usb8x. Below is a list of device classes and specific devices that have been tested. Devices that require isochronous endpoints or have an integrated USB hub are not currently compatible.

Internal Driver

These devices work and usb8x contains an internal driver to control them.

  • HID Keyboard
  • HID Mouse
  • Mass Storage Device. Tested with:
    • Sandisk Cruzer
    • Lexar JumpDrive/Secure
    • SMI Corp USB Disk
    • 512 Mini Disk Genie
  • TI Silverlink
  • Some gamepad controllers. Tested with:
  • Vernier EasyTemp

External Driver

These devices work and an external driver exists to control them.

  • None

Works, No Complete Driver

These devices have been tested to work with usb8x, but no complete driver currently exists.

  • EMS HID Playstation 2 controller adapter
  • HID Mouse/Keyboard Combo (I (84plusfreak) am writing a driver for it.)

Should Work

These devices have been tested to properly initialize with usb8x, but no drivers have been attempted.

  • Canon i850 printer
  • Canon SD400 digital camera
  • Motorola SURFboard cable modem
  • Motorola V220 (can act as USB Modem)
  • TI-84 Plus (calc<->calc)

Not Compatible

These devices are not compatible with usb8x.

  • Ezonics webcam - isochronous endpoints
  • Netgear WG111 802.11 adapter - draws too much current?
  • SMC 802.11b adapter - draws too much current
  • Taurus MBT-1203 bluetooth adapter - has integrated hub