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(So now we know this is the flash chip size.)
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[[Category:84PCE:Ports:By_Address|1002 - Unknown]] [[Category:84PCE:Ports:By_Name|Unknown port 1005]]
[[Category:84PCE:Ports:By_Address|1002 - Unknown]] [[Category:84PCE:Ports:By_Name|Unknown port 1002]]
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==
'''Port Number:''' 1002
'''Port Number:''' 1002

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Port Number: 1002

Function: Memory-mapped flash chip size.


Bits [3:0]

Sets the flash chip size. 06 is the default (4 MB). 07 will map 8 MB, which will cause the 4 MB to be mirrored twice. 08 will attempt to map 16 MB, which has unknown effects but generally causes an instant crash. Smaller values map less flash, and will generally cause the OS to eventually freeze or crash.

Bits [7:4]

Writes have no apparent effect, value does not latch.