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All the information within WikiTI is contributed by the users of WikiTI. Realize that, because this is a Wiki, anybody can edit the pages, and therefore the information herein can have many different sources. However, the owners, webmasters, administrators, and users (henceforth the "WikiTI community") cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy of the information in WikiTI. Further, when anybody from the WikiTI community posts information, they agree that the information they post does not infringe on the intellectual property of any person, group, company, or other organization. The WikiTI administration is not responsible for infringements of intellectual property that may result from use.

The users of WikiTI use all the information provided by WikiTI at their own risk, and the WikiTI community is not liable for any damage caused by use of the information in WikiTI, including (but not limited to), loss of electronically stored information, damage of a calculator, loss of profits, or electrocution.

WikiTI is not in any way affiliated with Texas Instruments Inc, or any of its subsidiaries, including the educational products division.