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For further information/syntax, please refer to Wikipedia's Help System.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register/login?
In the upper-right hand corner of the screen, select Create a user or login.
Do I need to provide my real name?
No, it is a matter of personal preference/privacy to provide your real name.
Can I change it later?
Yes, once you login, you can change your password, real name, and e-mail address.

Getting Started

Ok, I've logged in: how do I make a new page?
Type the name in the Goto box on the left-hand side of the screen; see Contributing Guidelines for the syntax. As an example, if you want to add documentation for RAM address FFFF on the 83+, type the following in the Goto box:
Make sure you read the Contributing Guidelines!!!
Do I need to denote hexadecimal with a $ or h, like in Z80 assembly?
No, it is assumed in WikiTI that all numbers/addresses are hexidecimal by default.
What are templates?
Templates, are, as the name says, templates. :-) They provide a default structure for the various pages. If all the WikiTI users follow these templates, it'll make all B_CALL pages look consistent, all ports the same format, etc. Thus, it is encouraged to use these (see Templates for a list of templates).
How do I use a template?
  • Select a template
  • View the source and copy it (the View source tab is near the top of the screen (this is NOT the same as telling your browser you'd like to view the HTML source of the page; this shows you the wiki source))
  • Paste the source into your new page (that you just Goto'ed)
  • Edit the text to fit your type of documentation
What's the category text at the top of the templates for?
That is how WikiTI categorizes the various pages. Following the previous example, you should have these lines at the top of your new page:
[[Category:83Plus:RAM:By Address:FFFF - TheName]]
[[Category:83Plus:RAM:By Name|TheName]]
If you are curious as to how a page works, don't forget to view the source of it :-)
Can we only contribute undocumented information on the TI-OS?
Absolutely not. You can contribute whatever you like, because in the end, we'd like WikiTi to become a complete reference. However, just make sure that you don't copy/paste other people's copyrighted documentation into the wiki unless you have permission to do so from the copyright holder.


How do I make bold/italicized text?
See Character Formatting.
How do I make lists?
See Lists and Lines.
Argh! The tab doesn't work!
In MediaWiki, you use a colon : to indent a paragraph.
How do I put text in that blue border?
Use <nowiki> preceded with a space. The leading space tells the Wiki parser to display the text as a preformatted, fixed-width font, which is analogous to <pre> in HTML. So " <nowiki>Your text here</nowiki>" will show:
Your text here
How do I make links?
That depends on the kind of link you want to make. See Links and URLs for a more in-depth discussion.
Is there a way I can get it to wrap at the end of the window, and yet still have a line break when I put a line break in the text?
Yes, put two line breaks in to get one on the page.

Tips & Hints

  • Use the Preview Button to view your changes before you Save.
  • Mark minor changes as Minor Edits (see Minor Edits as to what constitutes a Minor Edit).

As stated up above, please consult Wikipedia's Help system for more information.