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I have no clue why TI thinks it may be necessary to make 1180 bytes from ram page 0 at FB64h, but who knows it could be useful. This also bares more than resemblance to port 28h so I guess they were meant to be used together.

Presumably this would be used to have an execution stack that would stay constant even if the bank3 RAM page were changed --Dan Englender 20:56, 13 March 2006 (PST)

Behavior on other ASIC version

I ran some tests on this port using MicrOS. It moves the stack to the 8000h (near the other local variables), so on the application version of MicrOS, you can put whatever you want in the C000h range without worrying about crashing anything.

So here's what I did: Using the hex editor, I wrote 80 to D000 with P:05 = 00. Then I did P:05 = 07, and wrote 87 there. Then I wrote FF to P:27, and the hex editor showed 80 in D000. I wrote 00 to P:05, and the value didn't change. Then I wrote 00 to P:27, and the value remained unchanged. Finally, I wrote 07 to P:05, and 87 reappeared.

It would be great if other people verified this behavior on the TA3 ASIC, and tested other ASICs. --- Dr. D'nar 15:34, 12 March 2013 (UTC)