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* Founded : September 1st, 2001 (went online on March 3rd, 2004)
* Founded : September 1st, 2001 (went online on March 3rd, 2004)
* Website : [http://www.omnimaga.org/ http://www.omnimaga.org/]
* Website : [http://www.omnimaga.org/ http://www.omnimaga.org/]
* IRC : #omnimaga on OmniNet (irc.omnimaga.org), also reachable via EFNet or the site shoutbox (all linked together)
* IRC : #omnimaga on Omninet (irc.omnimaga.org), also reachable via EFNet or the site shoutbox (all linked together)

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  • Name : Coders of Tomorrow
  • Founded : September 1st, 2001 (went online on March 3rd, 2004)
  • Website : http://www.omnimaga.org/
  • IRC : #omnimaga on Omninet (irc.omnimaga.org), also reachable via EFNet or the site shoutbox (all linked together)


Omnimaga was founded on September 1st 2001 by Kevin Ouellet (also known as DJ Omnimaga) as an off-line calculator programming team that released various TI-83 Plus BASIC RPGs such as the Illusiat, Reign Of Legends and Reuben Quest series. The team made it online only on March 2004 with a forum, but was dissolved shortly afterward. On April 2004, a TI calculator RPG website opened under the name Omnimaga, including all past programming team releases and other community RPGs. From September 2004 to May 2005, Omnimaga shared Epic Programming Studios' forums for discussion. In May 2005, the site got a new forum and grew in popularity. On December 12th 2005, a new programming team was formed on the site. The team "The Coders Of Tomorrow" was chosen for the programming team on April 10th 2006. Omnimaga closed indefinitely on March 4th 2008 then reopened under a new website on August 25th 2008 (altough the re-opening was never announced anywhere else).

Since 2006, Omnimaga has been a website dedicated to TI calculator and PC game programming and music creation of any kind. Aside from the programming team products (which includes notable releases such as TI-Boy SE), it also provides a selection of the best community-contributed RPGs ever made for any brand of graphing calculators, including some very rare ones, as well as various programming tools. The site also include a discussion board that is primary oriented toward calculator game development and showcase. The forum goal is to provide a discussion environment free of any hostility for all coders wanting to learn, give or get help, show off their work and/or discuss. Both the staff and regular members have major projects in the works as well, such as F-Zero, Project M (Super Mario Clone), Portal X and is home of the popular Axe Parser programming language forum.

In 2010, partly due to the arrival of Ndless for the TI-Nspire and the novelty of Axe Parser for the TI-83 Plus series, Omnimaga started reaching record activity numbers, which eventually dwindled down to their original levels by 2013. However, that trend was similar accross other active websites, a trend also observed from Late 2006 to Early 2009. Omnimaga still remains one of the most active forum around today.



  • alberthrocks
  • AngelFish
  • apcalc
  • calc84maniac
  • Darl181
  • Deep Thought
  • Eeems
  • ExtendeD
  • FinaleTI
  • Juju
  • JustCause
  • leafy
  • Netham45
  • shmibs
  • squidgetx
  • Xeda112358

Former Members (Excluding Old Site)

  • Art_Of_Camelot (returned as part time moderator)
  • Bfr
  • Bwang
  • Cooliojazz
  • DJ Omnimaga (returned as part-time news editor)
  • Hot Dog (now part-time moderator)
  • Jsj795
  • Luna
  • Mapar007
  • Michael Lee
  • Miotatsu
  • Necro
  • Netham45
  • Nitacku
  • Noahbaby94
  • Speler
  • Silver Shadow
  • Simplethinker
  • SirCmpwn
  • Trevmeister66
  • {AP}

History of Omnimaga/COT team and Omnimaga website


01: Omnimaga team founded


10: Team expands towards music creation instead of just calculator and computer programming


03: Team makes it online. Forums opened, hosted on yAronet
09: Omnimaga TI-83+ Calculator RPG Headquarter website opened
17: RPG Headquarter expanded to all TI graphing calculator models
10: Programming team disbanded, forums merges with Epic Programming Studio
17: Site shuts down due to lack of webspace


1: RPG Headquarter reopens and expands to Casio and HP models.
12: Site moves from static HTML pages to Invisionfree. New forums, only reserved for news and projects discussions, opens there.
 ?: Forums opened to general discussions.
12: New programming team founded, hosted on Omnimaga forums.


10: Team name becomes The Coders Of Tomorrow
 ?: Music downloads section added. Old Omnimaga music work from 2002 to 2004 added as well.


1: Inter-community disputes leads to Omnimaga closing.
6: Following several requests, temporary forums opened.
11: Following a huge spam attack, site and chat becomes invite-only.
4: Dwindling activity and threats of more attacks leads to Omnimaga demise as a calculator community. Omnimaga becomes solely a music production team and only the music files remains online.
25: Following increasing requests in the past month, Omnimaga is resurrected as a programming team. Some of the old staff joins again.


TI-Boy SE (Game Boy Emulator for the TI-84 Plus) released.


1: Omnimaga now hosts Axe Parser language sub-forum.
gbc4nspire (Game Boy Color emulator) released.
6: Team opens towards console ROM hacking.
24: Axe Parser sub-forum now has a direct access sub-domain: http://axe.omnimaga.org
1: Omnimaga becomes the home of Ndless (TI-Nspire jailbreaker)


DJ Omnimaga permanently hands site to the remaining admins
13: Axe Parser 1.0.0 released
Omnimaga affiliates with TI-Planet (most news content from TI-Planet is now shared on Omni)
31: 2011 marks the most active year ever on Omnimaga, but the beginning of another downward activity spiral accross the entire TI community, like what was seen between Summer 2006 and 2009.


Game Boy Advance emulator (gpsp Nspire) released
30: Portal Prelude released


TI-Planet affiliation with Omnimaga and Cemetech ends


Site redesign, originally rumored for 2015, released (earlier than supposed, with missing features, thanks to a major security exploit discovered in the previous version)
Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening, a long-time grayscale hybrid 84+ BASIC RPG from Omnimaga and Epic Programming Studios, gets ported to Axe language


  • Several RPGs such as Illusiat, The Reign of Legends, Reuben Quest (including an Axe Parser remake of the original) and Mana Force series
  • The world's first ever completed Zelda calculator project
  • Metroid xLIB and TI-BASIC clones
  • DDR xLIB clones
  • TI-Boy SE (Game Boy emulator for the TI-83+SE and TI-84+ calculators)
  • Gbc4nspire (Game Boy Color emulator for the TI-Nspire)
  • gpSP-Nspire (Game Boy Advance for the TI-Nspire)
  • Steins;Gate 8-Bit CSE (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition port)
  • Ndless (starting at version 1.7)
  • Programming tools
  • PC Games
  • Music