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Official Name: CatalogChk

BCALL Address: 4A7D

Checks for and processes any keys relating to the catalog.


  • A = key press


  • A = key press (might not be the same)

Registers Destroyed

  • BC


Calling this immediately after GetKey will allow the OS catalog to appear during execution of your program. The output of this routine may be an unprocessed key or it may be the result of a catalog action. For instance if a=kenter was sent to this routine while the cursor is next to 'and', the output of this routine would be a=kextendecho and (keyExtend)=kAnd.


ld a,kCatalog
B_CALL CatalogChk ;on LCD the catalog should be visable
ld a,kDown
B_CALL CatalogChk ;cursor should move from 'abs(' to 'and'
ld a,kEnter
B_CALL CatalogChk ;output of routine should be a=kextendecho and (keyExtend)=kAnd