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Unofficial Name: Disp32

BCALL Address: 51CD

Minimum OS Version: 2.30

Displays the number at 839F in large font.


  • A: maximum number of digits to display.
  • 839F: 4 byte value. Most significant byte is first.
  • curRow: Screen coordinates to display at.


  • Value displayed to screen.


  • AF, DE, HL


If you input something that would be less than the size of the output, it'll cut of the left hand side. Note: do not input A=0. If you input A larger than the size of the output, it will automatically cut off unneeded zeros at the front of the number. Do not use a excessively large value of A, though, or you may overflow some buffers.

This can easily be used after B_CALL ArcChk, but make sure you put in a valid value for a.