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The TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium are two models new in 2015. The former is for the USA region (maybe all of North American?) and the latter is for France. The hardware is virtually identical between the two models.

Known hardware facts:

  • eZ80 CPU
    • Physical clock speed believed to be 48 MHz
    • Effective clock speed between 12-15 MHz
    • CPU might be clocked faster but have a lot of wait states
  • 4 MB flash chip
    • Bottom-boot organization this time
  • 256 K main RAM
  • Memory-mapped LCD
    • 153600 bytes of VRAM confirmed, unknown if more exists
    • Possibly an ARM Primecell PL111[HTML][PDF]
  • French version has testing LED; American version may get a testing LED in the future
  • User programs are prohibited from using any IN/OUT instructions
    • OUT causes a reset
    • IN produces a constant value
  • There is memory-mapped I/O, starting at E00000. Most port ranges have a mapped address, and RAM programs are allowed to use the memory-mapped I/O.
    • The 00xx range of ports is not mapped. This range includes permissions control, flash control, the testing LED, NMI control, and possibly master power management.
  • Flash starts at $000000
    • There is also still a flash unlock sequence
  • RAM starts at $D00000
  • Assembly programs and TI-BASIC programs are limited to one sector (64KB)
  • VRAM starts at $D40000
    • VRAM is executable
  • USB IP is the Faraday FOTG210

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