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Official Name: SendKPress

BCALL Address: 4024

Calls the system monitor but allows the programmer to push an initial key through cxMain. This is very much like Mon and MonForceKey.



  • none

Registers Destroyed

  • Doesn't matter because it doesn't return


This routine is similar to MonForceKey, but the initial keypress is passed more-or-less directly to cxMain (whereas MonForceKey passes the keypress to the raw key hook, if enabled, and handles the various special keys.)

The system NEVER returns from this B_CALL. The programmer should find alternative methods of regaining control and exiting such as hooks, cxMain, etc.


To simulate a key press by the user when first entering the system monitor:

;set up edit buffer
ld a,k8
B_CALL SendKeyPress  ;should see the number 8 appear in the edit buffer