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Unofficial Name: DisplayVarInfo

BCALL Address: 5080

Displays information for a specified variable (archive status, name, and either type or size, as in the LINK DuplicateName and Mem Mgmt/Del menus).


  • OP4: type and name of variable to display info for. This variable must exist.
  • (sndRecState): 15h to jump to _JErrorNo immediately, 0Ah or 0Bh to display only the name, and anything else to display menu text.
  • inDelete,(iy+ioDelFlag): set to display size, reset to display variable type.
  • A: value to place in (ioErrState). The OS uses 2, and I really don't think it matters.
  • B: menuCurrent value for the menu to display, if (sndRecState) is not 0Ah, 0Bh, or 15h.


  • Archive status, name, and either type or size displayed to last row of LCD (and menu text if specified)


  • All, OP1-OP4


Slightly odd inputs, but this has its uses.

You can use the menu hook to override what this routine displays, and it will take disabled programs into consideration when displaying RAM/archive status, as in the Mem Mgmt/Del menu.