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Unofficial Name: ReceiveOS

BCALL Address: 8072

Receives an operating system from another device and then reboots.


  • 5,(iy+1Bh): reset for I/O, set for USB
  • ioData: contents of first packet


  • None


  • All


When receiving an OS over DBUS, the first packet (i.e., the "variable header" for the OS header) must have been received and its contents stored to (ioData).

The OS MUST be marked invalid with MarkOSInvalid before BCALLing this entry point, which requires unlocking Flash.

It is likely that 80F6 receives the OS through direct USB on the 84+/SE.

This will not return for any reason; it can also display all kinds of error messages about low batteries, transfer errors, or manually interrupting it (pressing ON).