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Official Name: SigModR

Other Name: Rabin

BCALL Address: 80A2

Squares a large integer modulo n.


  • HL points to the signature, a big integer
  • 8000 holds the modulus, another big integer


  • OP1-OP6 hold the plaintext, a big integer


  • All registers
  • 8100h: 130-byte area which the multiplication routine uses to store its result
  • 8182h: 65-byte area used as the first argument to the multiplication routine
  • 81C3h: 65-byte area used as the second argument to the multiplication routine


This BCALL takes a large integer pointed to by HL and squares it modulo n. The OS uses this to decrypt the Rabin encrypted MD5 hash of an app.


 B_CALL SetupAppPubKey  ;loads the modulus into 8000h
 ld     de,tempSwapArea
 push   de
 ld     hl,myInt
 ld     bc,myIntEnd-myInt
 ldir                   ;copy large int to RAM
 pop    hl              ;address of large int to square
 B_CALL SigModR         ;square it
 ;8100h should now contain the number 3412h^2 mod the 0104 key.  
 ;Since the n of the public key is significantly larger, the answer is simply
 ;3412h^2.  So the contents of memory after this BCALL are
 ;8100h: 04 44 51 97 0A
 ;(the integer A975144h)
 db  2,12h,34h