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Token size: 1 byte

Syntax: Output(row,col,value)

Displays a value or text on the homescreen, at the position specified by row and col.


value will be displayed at (col, row), where row is an integer value from 1-8, and col is an integer value from 1-16.

value can be a string, a list, a variable, or a matrix. If the contents of value doesn't fit on the current line, it will start at the beginning of the next line, unless it already is at the bottom of the screen.


  • STO (->) cannot be displayed in a string with Output.
  • The double quote (") cannot be displayed with Output, as it always is treated as a string deliminer.
  • The ending parenthesis ) isn't needed, and can be left out to save a byte.
  • As always when working with a string, the ending quote " isn't needed if nothing else is to follow before a newline, and can be left out to save a byte.
  • Does not affect where the next Disp command puts text


:Output(1,1,"wikiTI rocks

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