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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is 83Plus:Basic:New Tokens on the 84+.

The TI-84(SE) has several new tokens. These tokens will not work on the 83's.



  • Hex: $EF02
  • Syntax: checkTmr(offset
    • offset is a decimal number to add to the value returned.
  • Returns: Decimal value of clock ports


  • Hex: $EF0F
  • Syntax: ClockOff


  • Hex: $EF10


  • Hex: $EF06
  • Syntax: dayOfWk(year,month,day
  • Returns: Number, where 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday et cetera


  • Hex: $EF12
  • Notes: This is used with OpenLib(


  • Hex: $EF09
  • Syntax: getDate→⌊ALIST
  • Returns: {year,month,day} (regardless of getDtFmt)


  • Hex: $EF0C
  • Syntax: getDtFmt→[a variable]
  • Returns: A number which tells you what date format the user has requested to use on the MODE screen. Either 1, 2, or 3.


  • Hex: $EF07
  • Syntax: getDtStr(date format
    • I would presume date format is the same as the numbers used for getDtFmt


  • Hex: $EF0A
  • Sintax: getTime→⌊ALIST
  • Returns: A list, in the format: {hour,minuet,second


  • Hex: $EF0D
  • Returns: Either 12 or 24, depending on weather the user likes 12 or 24-hour mode clocks.
  • Notes: Works alot like getDtFmt


  • Hex: $EF08
  • Syntax: getTmStr([12|24]
    • It takes either 12 or 24, but I would guess that there are other values you could include after that to get the seconds.


  • Hex: $EF0E
  • Notes: The way this one works, to test if the clock is on, just do If isClockOn or If not(isClockOn).


  • Hex: $EF11
  • Notes: This is used to interface with an application. However, no apps have been released to make of this (yet) *pokes Michael Vincent with a flash drive*


  • Hex: $EF00
  • Syntax: setDate(year,month,day
  • Notes: DtFmt does not affect this.


  • Hex: $EF03
  • Syntax: setDtFmt([1|2|3]
    • 1, 2, and 3 should be M/D/Y, D/M/Y, and Y/M/D, respectivly.
  • Notes: This is used to set the date format shown on the MODE screen


  • Hex: $EF01
  • Syntax: setTime(hour,minuet,second
  • Notes: This does not care about TmFmt


  • Hex: $EF04
  • Syntax: setTmFmt([12|24]
    • Takes either 12 or 24. 12 for AM/PM, 24 for 24-hour mode clock
  • Notes: Changes the time time format shown on the MODE screen


  • Hex: $EF0B
  • Notes: This works just like checkTmr(0), execpt smaller.


  • Hex: $EF05
  • Syntax: timeCnv([a number of seconds]
  • Returns: A list that converts the number of seconds into {days,hours,minuets,seconds
  • Notes: You may wish to use this with checkTmr( to bump the time up or down a few seconds


Time is not a new token for the 84.

ti83plus.inc does not define any tokens as starting with $EF, and all these new tokens start with $EF. $EF is the second byte of some two-byte tokens.

Credits and Contributions

  • elfprince13 for asking
  • Calcsys, for making it easy to find the byte-codes of these tokens.