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TI-BASIC is the built-in interpreted language for the TI-83 family. The syntax is similar to the PC version of BASIC, and includes very simple commands for I/O (Disp, Output, Text, etc.), flow control (If, For, While, etc.), etc.

The main advantage of writing programs in BASIC is that it is a very high-level language, so programs can be written faster and more easily compared to assembly. Also BASIC very unlikely can crash your calculator. The disadvantages are its execution speed (since programs are run by an interpreter) and power (the built-in graphics commands are extremely limited, for example), although some assembly programs, such as xLib, can provide extra functions (such as sprites) for BASIC programs to use.

Programs can be created on a desktop computer with TI's Graph Link software or edited on the calculator with the built-in program editor. The manual that comes with the calculator will usually have a reference for all the BASIC commands, but there are also tutorials such as this one or this one which also teach optimization and programming tricks that the manual does not cover.

See also TI-Basic Developer Home for complete documentation.


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