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Flag Byte: 0Dh

Known Names: appFlags

Bit Overview

Bit 0

Official Name: appWantIntrpt

Set if the application wants ON key interrupts.

Bit 1

Official Name: appTextSave

Set to have large font display routines write to textShadow as well.

Bit 2

Official Name: appAutoScroll

Set to have large font display routines automatically scroll the screen.

Bit 3

Official Name: appMenus

Set to enable processing menu keys in GetKey, Mon, etc.

Bit 4

Official Name: appLockMenus

Set to ignore menu keys. Only checked if bit 3 is reset.

Bit 5

Official Name: appCurGraphic

Set to enable graphic cursor.

Bit 6

Official Name: appCurWord

Set to have the text cursor cover the entire token.

Bit 7

Official Name: appExit

App handles [EXIT] key by itself (so says ti83plus.inc - I don't see an EXIT key on my TI-83+ though...).