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The address of the first page 0 call is saved at 44FB on page 1B,3B or 7B. (Depending on your device)

If you add an offset to that number and call it, you will always call the same function.

For example: Adding 10b6 to the number read from 44FB on page 1B/3B/7B gives you the address of the function that returns the last 4 digits of the Calc-ID.

Another one: The offset for GCing is 032A.

This call has the following inputs:

A=Type, B=Confirmation

A = 0 -> GC
A = 1 -> Defrag
A = 3 -> ?
A = 4 -> ?
A = 5 -> ?
A = 6 -> ?
B = 0 -> No confirmation
B = 1 -> Ask user

Maybe one of the staff members could create a section which contains page 0 calls.

See the talk page for a discussion on how we should handle the sectioning. --JasonM 10:06, 7 Jun 2005 (PDT)