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This page is to document the Version field in the TI-83 series calculator's Variable header.

Version Bytes

Here are the currently defined compatiblity levels for 83+/84+ programs and variables:

Default to 00h if no 63**, BB**, or EF** tokens are present.

Number OS Version 63 range BB range EF range Description
00h TI-83 (all) 6300-6337 BB00-BB67 None 'ZXscl' through 'ZXres' and 'npv(' through 'DiagnosticOff'
01h TI-83 Plus (all) 6300-6337 BB00-BBCE None Added 'Archive ' through 'GarbageCollect'
02h TI-83 Plus 1.15+ 6300-6337 BB00-BBDA None Added '~' through '%'
03h TI-83 Plus 1.16+ 6300-6337 BB00-BBF5 None Added '...' through inverse '='
04h TI-84 Plus (all) 6300-6337 BB00-BBF5 EF00-EF12 Added 'setDate(' through 'ExecLib'
05h TI-84 Plus 2.30+ 6300-6337 BB00-BBF5 EF00-EF16 Added 'invT(' through 'Manual-Fit'
06h TI-84 Plus 2.53MP+ 6300-6337 BB00-BBF5 EF00-EF3E Added 'ZQuadrant1' through 'FRAC'
07h TI-84 Plus 2.55MP+ 6300-6337 BB00-BBF5 EF00-EF40 Added 'STATWIZARD ON' and 'STATWIZARD OFF'
0Ah TI-84 Plus CSE 4.0+ 6300-63FF BB00-BBF5 EF00-EF75 Added 'TraceStep' and 'BLUE' through 'Dot-Thin'
0Bh TI-84 Plus CE 5.0+ 6300-63FF BB00-BBF5 EF00-EF7B Added 'tinydot' through 'Asm84CEPrgm'
0Bh TI-84 Plus CE 5.2+ 6300-63FF BB00-BBF5 EF00-EF98 Added 'Quartiles Setting...' through 'eval('
0Ch TI-84 Plus CE 5.3+ 6300-63FF BB00-BBF5 EF00-EFA6 Added 'Execute Program' through 'piecewise('
FFh None 6300-63FF BB00-BBFF EF00-EFFF Invalid tokens

Ranges are inclusive.


63** token ranges are not considered by a calculator when it generates the version.

0Bh is used for all of TI-84 Plus CE OS 5.0 through 5.2, despite tokens being added between them.

Clock Tokens

In addition, bit 5 is set if any token using the RTC (EF00-EF10, 'setDate(' through 'ClockOn') is present. Presumably the intention was to allow some future 83+ OS to support the new tokens that don't require an RTC, but this never happened.

Credits and Contributions

  • Ben Moody For initial documentation.
  • PT_ For adding CSE and CE ranges.
  • LogicalJoe For expanding and reformatting.