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TIOS 1.03

Released early 1999 (timestamp March 17.) This OS already implemented most of the features we know today; it's still "guidebook-compatible" with the later 1.x OSes, and most assembly programs will run on it without problems.

TIOS 1.10

Released slightly later in 1999 (timestamp May 6.)

  • One B_CALL (50B9) was added between 1.03 and 1.10.

TIOS 1.12

Release date unknown. This was the last version compatible with the TI-73 hardware (and perhaps the prototype TI-83 Plus), and the last version compatible with Virtual TI 2.5, due to its fixed LCD access delays.

  • No new B_CALLs.

TIOS 1.13

Released early 2001. This version added support for hardware version 1 (the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition.)

  • LCD delays were now based on port 2; the page 0 call LCD_BUSY_QUICK (000B) was introduced to allow user programs to take advantage of this.
  • Support for the new, larger FlashROM.
  • Support for running apps, hooks, and assembly programs at low speed for compatiblity.
  • Silent Link hook added.
  • 14 new B_CALLs added (50BC to 50E3).

TIOS 1.14

Released circa December 2001. This version supposedly added compatiblity with TI-Connect. No user features of any kind were added. This version was also the last to be fully compatible with the original Symbolic and Omnicalc.

  • No new B_CALLs.

TIOS 1.15

Released circa August 2002. This version added support for the TI-Keyboard.

  • TIKB support in GetKey
  • New "ExtendEcho3" (0FDh) keycode prefix
  • New keycodes defined for TIKB meta keys
  • 11 new tokens and corresponding keycodes added: ~, @, #, $, &, `, ;, \, |, _, %
  • New (and non-standard) tokens are not passed to the token hook.
  • 2 new B_CALLs added (50E6 and 50E9).

TIOS 1.16

Released circa June 2003. This version added support for the TI-Navigator.

  • 26 new tokens added [1]
  • All valid tokens are passed to the token hook, using a revised calling convention.
  • No new B_CALLs.

TIOS 1.17

Release date unknown (released only on new calculators.) No known changes.

TIOS 1.18

Released circa August 2004. No known changes.

TIOS 1.19

Released January 16, 2006.

  • Write-to-Flash = enables TI-Navigatorâ„¢ Apps to write apps and appvars directly to Flash ROM. (This actually came before the 84+/SE version)

TIOS 2.21

Released March 2004 (only on new calculators.) This is the first TIOS version that appeared in the TI-84 Plus family of calculators. It maintained all features of the TI-83 Plus family, though it is no longer compatible with the older hardware models. The following new features were added:

  • real-time clock with timer functions
  • USB connectivity support
    • calc-to-calc
    • calc-to-computer
    • calc-to-supported peripheral
  • increased Flash ROM support
  • "library functions" support
  • new TI-BASIC commands:
    • setDate(
    • setTime(
    • CheckTmr(
    • SetDtFmt(
    • SetTmFmt(
    • timeCnv(
    • dayOfWk(
    • GetDtStr(
    • GetTmStr(
    • GetDate
    • GetTime
    • StartTmr
    • GetDtFmt
    • GetTmFmt
    • isClockOn
    • ClockOff
    • ClockOn
    • OpenLib(
    • ExecLib
  • 6 new B_CALLs added (50EC to 50FB) since 1.18.

TIOS 2.22

Released August 2004. Added no new "user" features. Modified no "user" features. (Probably fixed some previous bugs.)

TIOS 2.30

Released December 2004. The following new features were added:

  • updated Graph-Table (G-T) Split-Screen mode
  • "manual-line fit" - draws data points, as well as a “best fit line”. Allows the user to modify the parameters of a linear function, at the same time seeing the resulting graph.\
  • improved graphing of funtions with discontinuities when Xres=1
  • new statistics features:
    • chi-square goodness of fit test
    • confidence interval for slope
    • inverse student T
  • "plug-and-play" for specific TI-approved peripheral support:
    • CBR 2â„¢
    • EasyTempâ„¢
  • new TI-BASIC commands:
    • Manual-Fit
  • USB Activity hook added.
  • 155 new B_CALLs added (50FE to 52CC)

TIOS 2.40

Released November 2005 (on the web January 10, 2006.) The following new features were added:

  • extended "plug-and-play" to ~25 sensors (when connected via EasyLinkâ„¢ by Vernier Software & Technology)
  • Press-to-Test = pressing Left+Right when turning the calculator on will temporarily disable applications and programs while students are taking an exam. To re-enable applications and programs, send any variable to the disabled calculator.
  • TestGuard 2.0 support
  • SmartPadâ„¢ support = enables a TI-84 Plus family calculator to provide key inputs to TI-SmartViewâ„¢ emulation and presentation computer software
  • updated language localization support
  • Write-to-Flash = enables TI-Navigatorâ„¢ Apps to write apps and appvars directly to Flash ROM.
  • 31 new B_CALLs added (52CF to 5329)

TIOS 2.41

Released on the web April 21, 2006.

  • no new bcalls added

TIOS 2.42

Hence forth, all even-numbered OSes are an OS for the emulated TI-84 in the Nspire.

TIOS 2.43

Released in 2007.


More complete list of changes available here.


Current version for the 84+ hardware. Added stats wizards and some other user features. Probably released just so that TI could push out the new 2048-bit RSA key for boot 1.03.