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Port Number: 09h

Function: Link Assist Status/CPU Speed 0 Signaling Rate

This port gives information on the status of the hardware link assist.

Read Values

  • Bit 0: Set if an interrupt was generated by receiving a byte.
  • Bit 1: Set if an interrupt was generated when a byte can be sent.
  • Bit 2: Set if an interrupt was generated due to an error in transmission.
  • Bit 3: Set if the assist is currently receiving data
  • Bit 4: Set if the assist has read a complete byte (which can be read from port 0A)
  • Bit 5: Set if the assist is ready to write data (via port 0D)
  • Bit 6: Set if there was an error during transmission
  • Bit 7: Set if the link assist is currently sending a byte.

Write Values

Writing to this port sets the signaling rate of the link assist in CPU speed mode 0 (6 MHz); the link assist uses the same clock as the CPU. Bits 5 through 7 control a divisor to the clock before it reaches the link assist, affecting how fast the link assist can detect changes in the signal states. It will divide by 2^n, allowing you to divide by 1, 2, 4 ... 64. Value 111b (7) will halt the link assist. Bits 0 through 4 control how much time to wait between bits. TI desires a minimum time between bits of 2 microseconds.


This port only exists on the 83+ SE and the 84+.

Credits and Contributions

  • Michael Vincent: Original documentation of the link assist