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Unofficial Name: EQS

Memory Address: 980Ch

Length: 12 bytes.

This area contains status information for the YEqu app.


  • 980Eh (offset 2) contains the current item in the list that will be plotted (starts at 1)
  • 9812h (offset 6) This sets the maximum value for the equations. All equations of which the lower 4 bits are less than the maximum value are displayed. For example in function mode this value is 0Ah=10 to display the ten equations.
  • 9813h (offset 7) This variable store the equations that is currently (in the process of) being displayed or edited by the yEqu app. (These are token values, thus X6T is 2Bh)

This value is mainly of use when used in conjunction with the YEqu hook.

NB:This might also be used outside the YEqu app, this hasn't been researched. Nor have the bytes which are not mentioned here been researched.