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Name: MouseInit

Minimum usb8x version: 0.11

Initialize mouse driver


  • DE: Address of temporary descriptor buffer
  • B: Flags
    • bit 0: set = allow diagonal keys, reset = disallow
    • bit 1: set = use passthrough callback


  • NC: Success


  • AF, BC, DE, HL, IX


Important: The mouse driver inputs changed starting at version 0.11 of usb8x. Be sure to use GetVersion to check that 0.11 of higher is installed before using the mouse driver.

Initializes the USB host but assumes the USB driver has already been initialized with DriverInit.

If you indicate to pass callbacks through, the callback address specified in U_CALL_INIT will be used if the U_CALL system is being used. Otherwise pass the callback address in register IX.

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