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Port Number: 1005

Memory-mapped Address: E00005

Function: Controls flash wait states. Each read from flash will have at least 5 wait states, plus the number of wait states specified in this port. The OS defaults to 04 in this port, so by default, every read from flash incurs a 9 wait state penalty, for a total of 10 clock cycles to read a byte from flash. (V/RAM gets 3 wait states for reads, and 1 waitvstate for writes, for totals of 4 and 2, respectively.)

This port is only applicable to older devices which feature a parallel flash chip.


Value    Effect   
00 Instant hard crash & reset if OS ISR is enabled
01 Makes OS a little faster, perhaps 30%. Used by the C toolchain between October 2016 and April 2017. Occasional crashes reported on calculators across all revisions (see: fix commit message, this post). Not recommended for regular use.
02 Used by the C toolchain between April 2016 and October 2016. Insufficient usage data was collected to determine the stability of this value.
03 Used by the C toolchain since February 2017. No crashes attributed to this value (as of April 2018).
04 Normal value
10 OS feels noticeably sluggish
20 OS is unbearably sluggish
FF Don't even bother trying to do anything