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Official Name: OP1,OP2,OP3,OP4,OP5,OP6,OP7

Memory Address: D005F8h - D00644h

Length: 11 bytes each; 77 bytes total

These "registers" are used often to compute many useful things

This area is divided into seven 11-byte registers:

  • OP1 = D005F8h
  • OP2 = D00603h
  • OP3 = D0060Eh
  • OP4 = D00619h
  • OP5 = D00624h
  • OP6 = D0062Fh
  • OP7 = D0063Ah

Among the many functions the OP registers are used for:

  • A single OP register can hold an 11-byte floating point number.
  • Two adjacent OP registers -- usually OP1 and OP2, OP3 and OP4, or OP5 and OP6 -- can hold a 22-byte complex number.
  • The first 9 bytes of an OP register can hold a variable name.
  • OP3-OP6 are used for storing short strings.
  • All 6 OP registers can be used together to hold a single big integer.
  • The seventh OP register is only used when finding Image variables in RAM. It can generally be used as scrap.