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Unofficial Name: DrawThickRectBorder

BCALL Address: 55A2h

Draw a rectangular outline 2 pixels wide.


  • HL = X coordinate of left edge (must be at least 1)
  • DE = X coordinate of right edge (must be greater than HL and at most 318)
  • B = Y coordinate of top edge (from top of screen; must be at least 1)
  • C = Y coordinate of bottom edge (must be greater than B and at most 238)
  • (penFGColor) = RGB color to draw




  • AF, BC, DE, HL
  • Interrupts disabled


The rectangle is drawn only to the LCD, never to the graph buffer.

The dimensions of the enclosed area are (HL?DE?1) × (C?B?1) (just as for DrawRectBorder.) The outer dimensions of the border are (HL?DE+3) × (C?B+3).