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Note: Do not take the information on this template page as actual documentation!

Use this template for ROMCalls on calculators that don't use banked OS calls. Simply replace every occurance of bcall/BCALL/b_call with romcall/ROMCall/call.

The BCALLs are named by their b_call address, in hexadecimal. An example is 83Plus:BCALLs:4009.

Also, please put the following code (edited to reflect your call) in your page:

[[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name|ProveTheRiemannHypothesis]]
[[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Name:Utility|ProveTheRiemannHypothesis]]
[[Category:83Plus:BCALLs:By Address|0042 - ProveTheRiemannHypothesis]]

This will cause your page to show in the appropriate categories. (Change the ProveTheRiemannHypothesis, 0042, and Utility to match your call. Also, change the 83Plus to whatever category, and change the BCALLs to ROMCalls if needed.) You may put a BCALL in any number of "By Name" categories. Put it in all the ones that make sense.


Official Name: ProveTheRiemannHypothesis

BCALL Address: 0042 Use "Call Address" for regular 83.

Proves the Riemann Hypothesis, storing the proof in an AppVar.


  • OP1: AppVar to save proof into
  • HL: Maximum length of proof, in pages (must be at least 200)
  • bit proofCorrect, (iy + proofFlags): Set to generate a correct proof


  • Proof stored in AppVar
  • Zero Flag: Set if successful


  • AF


This B_CALL proves the Riemann Hypothesis, giving a proof under the required number of pages. It does this by randomly guessing proofs until it finds one that works. Needless to say, the calculator's batteries will run out before this B_CALL completes.


ld  hl, ProofAppVar
rst rMOV9TOOP1
ld  hl, 1000
B_CALL ProveTheRiemannHypothesis

Credits and Contributions

  • /dev/null: For not answering my questions about this B_CALL