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Hardware Quirks

The TI-83+ family of calculators has some interesting quirks in the hardware.

  • Later models of calculators are missing RAM pages
  • Later models of calculators have a longer LCD delay
  • If a LD A,I or LD A,R instruction is interrupted, then the P/V flag is reset, even if interrupts were enabled beforehand.

TIOS Quirks

  • In TI-BASIC interpreter an If inside a For( loop without ending parentheses can cause an abnormal time wasten in interpretation.
  • There are lots of bugs specially in old buggy versions as this topic describes.
  • Equality tests (2nd->TEST) will not work with complex numbers, despite what the manual says.
  • TIOS sets the RAM Execution Limits so that if PC is greater than or equal to $C000, provided an even-numbered RAM page is swapped in the upper bank, the calculator will crash. On a TI-83+ SE, TI-84+, and TI-84+ SE, this can be changed via ports 25 and 26. On the TI-83+, this is controlled with ports 05 and 16.

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